Aren’t You Afraid of Being Shot?

Aren’t You Afraid of Being Shot?

When we decided to open a Krav Maga school in the CSRA, we wanted to be close to downtown Augusta. We enjoy frequenting the local shops and restaurants; being near the local recreational areas and we wanted to be convenient to our neighbors across the river in South Carolina. Our Harrisburg location was perfect. Those who know this area will say it’s dangerous. They will tell you that you’re crazy to start a business there, let alone purposefully move to this area. They will ask you, “Aren’t you afraid of being shot?”

This happened to us. A sweet older couple in a very nice car stopped by our “shop” (this is what we call our school). They asked what we were opening. We told them. This question was their response. My husband stated, “What better place to teach self defense?” And so, here we are. We opened on April 22, 2017 – my mother’s birthday. She passed away in 2008. I don’t know what she would think about what I’m doing, but I do know that she would be proud that I am helping people.

I did not grow up in fear. I did not grow up in a fearful environment. When my husband told me about this interaction, I felt great compassion for this couple, who lives in fear and resides in this community. I haven’t seen them since.

The question is “Why?” We offer the opportunity to build confidence, learn techniques that could save your life or the life of another. We offer our community the opportunity to stop living in fear.

We recently began a youth class with local children. once a week. Saturday’s at 12 noon. We have 5 young men who attend. Where are the young women? Don’t they need to learn to defend themselves? Where is the Harrisburg community who lives in fear of being shot?

We are Savannah River Krav Maga. Join us. We will train you. We will train your children. We will train family, your friends, your community. You are welcome to join us. I look forward to meeting you — soon!

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