Krav Maga Classes Pricing and Schedule

Savannah River Krav Maga classes are an affordable, fun way to learn efficient self-defense. We do not teach gimmicky techniques just to try to sell you products or more classes. We teach Israeli Krav International techniques – the same moves that are taught to law enforcement, military and counter-terrorism personnel. You do not have to have any martial arts or krav maga experience to benefit from – and enjoy – our classes.

*First/Introductory Class is free

  • Individual: $60

  • Family: $60 for primary in household and $50 for each additional family member

  • Military/LEO/EMT’s/Students/etc.: $60

Schedule of Krav Maga Classes

Effective November 6th our class schedule will be as follows:

Monday – 7p-8:30p*

Tuesday – 7p-8:30p

Wednesday – 7p-8:30p*

Thursday – 7p-8:30p

Friday – closed

Saturday – Training in Gainesville GA – GMKM

Sunday- closed

*Effective January 3rd, 2019 our new class schedule will be Tuesday and Thursday nights.   7-8:30pm.


For private and group pricing or to sponsor a krav maga student, contact Lynette